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Celeb B Awards Night

  • 17 Apr 2017
  • Looking For Hospitality Partners


Celeb-B is a premier entertainment & lifestyle magazine, based out of Bangalore, published and edited by renowned public speaker, Mr. Kaleem Pasha(

The Celeb-B annual awards night + fashion parade is scheduled in the month of April, 2014 in Bangalore and we are reaching out for sponsors.

We would be having guests as prominent personalities from multiple industries such as Sports, Cinema, Real estate, Media, Art and Hospitality.

Adding glamour to the event will be Namma superstars from Sandalwood,

Sudeep, Digant, Harshika, Hari priya , Andrita, Niki, Tejaswini, Chetan, etc., along with top models.

 The sponsorship requirements and all other details are mentioned in the presentation which can be downloaded from.

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