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More Than Parents

  • 10 May 2017


In commemoration to International Mother’s Day Win or Win Consulting is hosting an awareness program along with an award winning ceremony titled More Than Parents, A Third Dimension of Success scheduled on 11th of May 2014 between 2.00 pm to 8.30 pm.

The program aims to create awareness about various childhood problems and to help in ideal parenting, working towards building successful generations ahead. To make parents aware that providing emotional and mental support to children is as much important as any of the physical and social needs and that it plays a major role in the child’s overall development. Early identification of any problem is better than aggravating it and resulting in hindering the overall development of the child.

On the agenda is a Mind Museum which will be open from 2.00 pm and will showcase information on Mental Health related problems. Various Mind Games and other activities are also on the list. The interested crowd can go through a Free Mental Health Screening Session followed by Movie Show and Discussion. There shall be an exclusive session on Learning Disabilities in Children and this is open for a crowd of 50 people who would register their names in advance. This shall be followed by the Award Giving Ceremony and the entertainment show.

Organized by Win or Win Consulting, the Award aims at recognizing Parents who have marked a difference in their child’s life and have set an example for the society. 60 parents shall be selected from a lot based on different parameters and shall be honored ‘Ideal Parent Award’.  There are different levels of assessment classified as Blue, Green and Orange with 20 people belonging to each said categories. Chief Guest will give away the Awards.


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