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Collegiate Robofest 2017

  • 12 Apr 2017
  • #39,3rd Floor, F.F.K. Towers,Swagath Main Road, Next To Sagar Hospital, Jayanagar, Bangalore


Novatech along with a group of engineers and technocrats has developed a module where by ROBOTIC education will be taught in all school and colleges in India and neighboring countries. The module developed and tailor made to suits course curriculum of individual schools and Colleges.

Team Divisions:

Challenge Synopsis:

Follow a dashed lane while avoiding orange safety cones. When a dead end sign with a digit on green paper is detected, read the number (college teams only), turn around and come back to the starting point. Report the read number (college teams only). 3 minutes are given for each run.How to set up playing fields
Unknown number of 5x8 carpets will be used for the course. The exact shape, color, and length of the course are unknown. Floor or ground color where carpets will be placed will be unknown, but should be different from the color of the dashed line. The light condition on the course is unknown and dynamic. A bright light on the course may be turned on and off during the mission at unknown location.
The minimum width of the lane is 2 feet. The line is made of bright masking tape of which the width is at least 2.5 inches. The gap between lines is at most 12 inches. 90 degrees will be the sharpest angle to turn. The dashed line must be at least a half foot away from the edge of the carpets.
The cone can be placed on the dashed line. There will be a minimum of 2 feet clearance, minimum passage width, between the dashed line and the cones or between cones. Some cones in the center area will be placed after the robot starts by a judge. But the difficulty level of the obstacle configuration should be similar to all the teams. Here is the 12 inch safety cone info on the web, here.

The dead end one digit number on a green letter size (8.5\\\"x11\\\") paper can be downloaded from the VCRC home page at The number should be placed on the carpet. The orientation of the sign must be portrait. The angle of the sign from the floor can be between 0 to 90 degrees and the team can adjust before each run. High school teams do not need to read the digit. The robot must completely pass the end line before turning around.

Competition Rules:
Robot Requirements

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