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  • 05 Sep 2017
  • Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Raigad, Maharashtra, India


My event is About DBATU TALK SHOW We all are aware of the reality shows, among which talk show on television is one. Talk shows generally contribute to the current affairs followed by the guest’s opinion, discussion and sometimes debate with other guests. Looking all these things, sometimes we eagerly want to take part in that discussion, share our opinions, thoughts; but we know it’s not possible since that program was already recorded. Even though the program is live, it is quite difficult to express our thoughts and discuss on the topic. The same situation is faced by the students too. Since they do not get any platform to talk and discuss any topic, they get demotivated. Many students lose their confidence, some may feel shy to talk, and some may get afraid to talk. To overcome such problems can’t we think of our own platform, which will solve all the problems faced by the students… let's have our own talk show in the University, where students can take a lead, talk with the guest, the debate among themselves, share their opinions, ideas etc. The show will be ‘DBATU Talk Show’. Instead of watching such programs on the television, listening to the back dated programs; let's arrange the show in the University by inviting guests from various fields. ? How will this show be performed? Since the University is declared as the state University of Maharashtra, we have 50 affiliated colleges. Let’s involve them in this activity. The overall idea about the program is, on the working Saturday of every month, we will invite an expert from various areas like Education, politics, industry, Film industry, sports, literature, etc. A representative from affiliated colleges will be invited, the entries will be limited to the show, it means 50% entries will be from affiliated colleges and 50% from our University. The program will run for 2-3 hrs. or more than that followed by expert’s lecture and their discussion with the students. The whole program will be a live webcast, for this a separate website will be designed. On that website, upcoming shows with their timetable will be uploaded; the biography of the guest will be available on the website. Once the show gets completed, the photographs and videos related to the respective show will be uploaded on the website. Approximately 5-7 talk shows can be performed in one academic year. Depending upon the response from the students, we may increase/decrease the no. of guests. This talk show will be the best platform for the students, with such activity a hidden talent of the students can be identified because; everything for the talk show will be organized by the students only. , having low attendance but great social media. You will love my event because of the opportunities for brand integration, the location, social Media.

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