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Inspirational Book Launch

  • 02 Sep 2017 - 30 Sep 2017
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


My event is I am looking for a sponsorship partner for a literary work of mine in the category of self help non-fiction inspirational. As a self-publisher of my own book I am looking for a right corporation or individual entity as my sponsor. It is an amazing opportunity for sponsors to help the Author to put his work in production and market ahead. Please find the detailed sample sponsorship proposal letter and benefit doc in attachment. In case something looks progressive and positive in your side I can also give you a sample printed copy of my work for further review. In case you find it is interesting and valuable enough and want to know any further details of the work please let me know. Startups and corporate who might be interested in taking part in this opportunity for their brand awareness and marketing. Sponsorship is one of the model I thought which I think will work well and will tremendously help both the entity Author and the sponsor. I progressively look forward to hearing from you for any kind of support and help you can do. It will help both the entity. This is a field of open possibility. , enjoys a massive local audience, sponsor friendly. You will love my event because of the opportunities for brand integration, extensive media coverages, social Media, the location, audience quality.

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