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A Community centred around Events

Onspon is a leading avenue for stakeholders to discover and exchange synergies to create fabulous events. We offer access and technology solutions to make event planning, sponsorship and visibility more efficient. We aim to facilitate the creation of events by bringing together interested people through the global platform of onspon.com, to fashion events that are truly cherishable experiences for everyone involved.
  • Founded in 2013.
  • Headquarters in Mumbai, India (Maharashtra).
  • 36,000+ event managers on board..
  • Multiple venues, celebrity managers and vendors listed on the Onspon Vendor Network.

Offering Sound Solutions

Find tools to showcase your event or brand online, shortlist management for various event elements, and mobile apps to manage events, track attendee participation and customer reviews. All through a turbo-charged Dashboard!
  • Brands find the Most Suitable Events for Sponsorships.
  • Small Businesses procure Stalls for their Products and Services.
  • A Curated Set of High Quality Events engaging industry professionals like Event Vendors, Celebrity Managers, Venues, Ticketing Platforms and Event-tech Companies..
We are always looking for feedback. Please tweet to us @onspon with your feedback, if any.


Hitesh Gossain
Founder CEO
Sharad Seth
Co-Founder CTO
Faraz Peerbhai
Vice President
Business Development
Animesh Patil
General Manager
About Onspon - The best sponsorship platform for brands and events