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Influencer marketing: A seismic shift

Celebrity Influencer

An article which clears up the air around prevalent myths around influencer marketing


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Top 10 things to keep in mind while hiring a celebrity for your event

Celebrity Events Vendor Celebrity management

Learn the answers to the top ten questions that come up when hiring a celebrity for your event


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Is the Diana Penty - Estee Lauder celebrity endorsement deal hit-or-miss?


This is a brief analysis of the celebrity fitment and it’s estimated outcome in the case of the celebrity endorsement deal of Diana Penty and Estee Lauder


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Bhai, kya baat! Dhoni dons the cap of ‘Bijness Bhai’ for GoDaddy

Dhoni as "Bijness Bhai' is sure to tug at the heartstrings of the masses in favour of Go Daddy! Let's find out more about this endorsement deal


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MS Dhoni and Bharat Matrimony: Will this celebrity-brand union thrive?

Bharat Matrimony may have roped in MS Dhoni as their brand ambassador, but this celebrity-brand fitment may not be as perfect as it seems. Let’s look at it in further detail


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Still relying on guesswork for influencer marketing?

Celebrity Marketing Strategy Influencer

Influencers have become an almost essential part of a brand’s marketing kitty, which means digital marketers today have to keep in mind many parameters as they make this most important and money intensive choice


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