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Events - the next big channel of brands' omnichannel strategy

Marketing Strategy Omnichannel

Events are ideal for supercharging your omnichannel marketing strategy, as they have the potential to act as the point of consumer engagement and conversion both online and offline.


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6 Important Elements of Event Planning for a Successful Event

​Events of all kinds require proper planning and execution. A poorly organised event can damage the reputation that you have built over the years. The right planning overlooks all aspects of an event, from the initial stage right up to the day of executio...


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5 Situations Where A Line of Credit Can Help Event Planners

event sponsorship event vendors event management services how to raise money for your event

This blog talks about how event organizers can use the line of credit to bolster their event.


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Top Event Management Courses in India

event sponsorship Event Promotion Vendor event planning event production event service event vendors Event management event management courses

Find the top event management course that helps you achieve your career ambitions and fulfil your passion.


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