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Still contemplating investing marketing dollars in IPL 2019? You are not too late!

sport sponsorship sponsors iplt20 Marketing ipl 2019 vivo ipl 2019

Glance through the latest tips to make the most of your marketing dollars when investing in IPL 2019


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Malabar River Festival 2018: Let the paddle begin!!

All you need to know about the Malabar River Festival 2018


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find sponsorship sport sponsorship ipl 2018 sponsors iplt20

how is IPL changing India's sports earnings and moving onto become the superbowl for India


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Why is IPL still thriving after 11 years?

ipl 2018 Hrithik Roshan Varun Dhawan's performances VIVO IPL 2018 VIVO IPL OPENING

What makes IPL so popular and successful among players, fans, and sponsors even after 11 years?


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IPL Sponsorships - Is it all about the jersey position?

ipl 2018 ipl vivo 2018 ipl team 2018 IPL shponsors

Brands should look beyond the player jersey and think of new and dynamic digital engagement opportunities during IPL 2018


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IPL 7 Sponsorships – Whats going on ?

Apart from Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings – rest all franchisees face tremendous pressure. Read on


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