Malabar River Festival 2018: Let the paddle begin!!

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23 May 18

Malabar River Festival 2018: Let the paddle begin!!

Money can’t buy you happiness but it can buy you a kayak and that’s kinda the same thing…

One of the hardest and the most spectacular adventure races in the world, Malabar River Festival 2018 (MRF) is all set to return in its full glory. With the participation of athletes from as many as 25 countries, the event is one of the largest adventure sports festival in India.

Being organized by Madras Fun Tools (Goodwave Adventures) and supported by Kerala Tourism, the event has a tremendous online reach of 20 million worldwide and an expected footfall of 20,000 kayaking enthusiasts.

Why should you attend this event?

  • This world championship event is held in association with Olympic bodies like International Canoe Federation (ICF) and Indian Kayaking and Canoeing Association (IKCA).
  • Five different kinds of events would be held over a period of 5 days in various parts of Kozhikode District, Kerala.
  • 30+ of the worlds best international kayakers to participate including current & former world-champions, Olympians & Red-Bull sponsored athletes.
  • Well, not that you need another reason to visit Iruvanjipuzha and Chalipuzha in Kerala, but if it helps further, these two also happen to be one of the best white waters in South India, and will also be the venues of the championship.
  • The race will also feature the usual suspects –
  • The Extreme Race: paddling a kayak down a section of hard whitewater. The race is similar to a timed version of creeking.

    Boater Cross: A race from the top of a rapid to the bottom in the fastest time possible overcoming the obstacles on the way.

    Giant Slalom: An extreme kayaking race comprising of multiple giant slalom gates.

  • This year’s competition will feature events for beginners, intermediate kayakers and a special category of prizes for the best paddlers of the Indian subcontinent. There is something in it for everyone.
  • Why should you partner with this event?

  • Top international athletes, social media influencers, photographers & film-makers in attendance.
  • Great opportunity for a sponsor to gain visibility to a massive audience both within India & worldwide.
  • Brand Ambassadors will endorse the brands throughout the event: wearables, stickers, interviews and through social media mentions.
  • Live coverage of the event via Kayak Session Media, France.
  • Two-time world extreme kayaking champion Joe Morley from the United Kingdom, 2012 London Olympics finalist Mike Dawson from New Zealand and noted kayaker from Italy Max Benetton are among the big names to be featured in this year’s event.
  • What is all up for the grabs?

  • “Paddle with the Pros” - mentorship program, pro athletes mentoring local kayakers.
  • Individual events like Slalom, FReestyle, Boater-cross etc.
  • Title sponsorship opportunity is available for INR 20 lakhs.
  • Logos to be displayed on T-shirt, the front page of the website, facebook & Instagram pages.
  • Event branding: posters, banners, gates, logos displayed on competition ramp & stage backdrop.
  • Sponsor logos on the kayaks.
  • Video & Photography partner - logos in official videos along providing footage and videos from the events, including athlete, organizers and audience interviews.
  • Banners and Gates (gates to be provided by the sponsor) to be displayed at all the important locations and the race areas.
  • Stall space where the sponsor is free to set-up their booth.
  • Scoreboards & Leaderboards
  • Social media mentions, website, press releases, and logos displayed on publicity material.
  • After 5 successful editions, the festival is onto its sixth edition drawing close to becoming one of the biggest events in the kayaking calendar and the winner gets to win a cash prize of whopping INR 1,500,000.

    If this does not make you jump from your seats, we don’t know what will!! So, come witness the adrenaline in action as the event unravels on the 18th of July 2018.