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An average event makes more than 50% of its total cost by sponsorships. The key is to make it sponsor friendly and be able to answer all questions that the sponsor may have. We help you do just that !!

how Onspon.com works for event organizer ?


Sign Up to list your event

Start by creating your event listing. It’s like a profile page for your place.

What’s in the listing

You’ll fill out a event description, take and upload photos, and mention the sponsorship need. Your listing helps guests get a sense of what your event offers to a sponsor.

Get organized. Immediately.

Our simple-yet-sophisticated complimentary event listing helps you go from start to outreach in minutes.

Who can see your listing

Although the event listing is viewable by all, important details like sponsorship packages, presentation etc is also accessible to verified sponsors


Sponsors find your event listing and contact you

You will be able to interact with sponsors using your dashboard

Engage More. No efforts.

With integrated social media feeds, it’s never been easier to keep your event page updated and engaging.

Apply to brands

You get access to active brand briefs. If youe event fits in, just apply to those. Simple !!

Exchange messages

Using your dashboard inbox, exchange notes, set expectations and close deals

Plan for integration

Sponsors want customized integrations within event. Discuss that.


Need hand-holding ?

No worries. Our premium listing packages take care of that (and a lot more !!)


Get customized sponsorship presentation created by experts

Social media outreach

Our website is SEO compliant but if you want to be featured, not a problem

Customized outreach to specific sponsors

We do not differentiate between the regular listings and paid listings on this. You feature where sponsors search for you

Need us to meet brands for you ?

The best person to interact with brands is always you. However, We have customized offerings for that too.

We’ve got your back

Onspon works for events. So we make sure you get represented well.

A fantastic event page

Once you list your event, Onspon turns it into a fantastic (and exclusive) one page listing which acts as your event website. Free website anyone ?

Event summary

Ever heard about a sponsor saying “Please send me your event summary” ? Well – we got it ! And yes – that’s complimentary too !

A company page

You have an event company but could never create a great SEO friendly company page ? Well not anymore. As soon as you list an event , you get a company page too

Get ready to showcase your event to sponsors.

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