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ThinkCamp : Coding Bootcamp
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Event Date: 27 Jan - 04 Mar 2019 Posted By: Sayandeep Majumdar(09 Jan 2019)
About this Event

A coding bootcamp is a technical training program that teaches the programming skills that employers look for. Coding bootcamps enable students with no/little coding proficiency to focus on the most important aspects of coding and immediately apply their new coding skills to solve real-world problems. The goal of many coding bootcamp attendees is to transition into a career in web development, software development, robotics, game development. They do this by learning to build applications at a professional level - which provides the foundation they need to build production-ready applications and demonstrate they have the skills to add real value to a potential employer. This immersive workshop will take the participants through the basic building blocks of Logic building, Algorithm Design and Coding and protecting them with proper Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). The course will be facilitated by IIT-KGP, IIM Calcutta, Govt of West Bengal, Govt of India, Startup India, Patent Information Center (Kolkata), NASSCOM, International Institutional Organization Recognized Techno-Spiritual Research Organisation Think Again Lab [www.thinkagainlab.com] in association with Eduinversity and 10000 Startup Warehouse , Nasscom. The top participants will be given access to Mentors, Intellectual Property Rights Resources, Legal Resources, Patentable/Innovative Projects, project kits, Hackathons, Paid/Non-Paid Internships, Hands-on trainings and an array of resources provided by Think Again Lab to help the youths go Beyond Their Believe System in the quickest possible time and Innovate Solution for Crucial Problems of the Society and add 3 more columns in their cv- Projects, Experience and Internship. Time duration: 36 HRS ( 1 Month) Eligibility: If you are a human and you can understand Basic English and Basic Mathematics, you are eligible for this course. Pre-requisite: Nothing. Just bring your brain & laptop. Learning Session: 1. Analysis real world problems. 2. Decipher Logic to solve those problems. 3. Transform those logic in programming algorithms. 4. Convert Algorithms to executable codes. Doing Session: 1. 100+ Executable programs. Take away: 1. Scholarship Worth 50,000 INR (Approx. for 50 students) and Bootcamp Rockstar Award for the best performer. 2. Certificate from Thinkagain Educational Services LLP & 10000 Startup warehouse NASSCOM. 3. Internship opportunity. 4. Access to Network of 7000+ Thinkers. 5. Access to Innovation and Research Resources like mentorship, workshop, hackathons, hands-on-training, internship and many more. 6. One-to-one mentorship session with Arijit Hajra, CEO, Think Again Lab Note: If you can't solve real world problems with your coding skills, we will refund your fees.

About this Conference & Exhibition
Agenda 1 27th January 2019 02:00 AM
Sayandeep Majumdar
Event Coordinator
Audience Profile
High Income
Corporate Executives
CXOs / Top
Industry Specific
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