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Event Date: 27 Feb - 28 Feb 2020 Company Name:  Bengal Institute of Technology
BITS2BYTES 2020 ,College Fest,Kolkata
BITS2BYTES 2020 ,College Fest,Kolkata
BITS2BYTES 2020 ,College Fest,Kolkata
About this Event

Bengal Institute of Technology is going to organize its Annual Technical Festival “Bits2Bytes 2020” for the 15 th consecutive year on 27 th & 28 th February, 2020 at Bengal Institute of Technology, Kolkata. It is worth mentioning that ours` could be the oldest Technical Fest being organized by Self-Financing Institutes in the State of West Bengal. The event has the esteem significance in the field of creativity motivation, technology innovation and psycho-motor skill development among the new age laureates. This year we have set the goal of the Tech-Fest to proceed one step further, by taking the initiative to produce some sustainable outcome of the events, in terms of video tutorials of the workshops on aeromodelling, drone making, Arduino based autonomous robotics projects and Android based projects given by well-established experienced pass out students of the institution, who are working in responsible positions in renowned industries. Not only that we have introduced some research based events like poster presentation, term paper, and Ideathon, which we think will motivate students towards research and development. Our tech fest can rightly claim as one of the most participated and successful technical fiesta for over a decade, packed with endearing, innovative and enriching technical and soft-skill events. The main objective of the program is to promote innovative thinking and practical skills through real life technological projects and soft skill events. The program consists of vibrant amalgamation of enthralling events like Aeromodelling, Remote Controlled Drone and Autonomous Robotics Events, Talent Show [Showcasing School level Science Projects or Models], Bio-Technological and Electronics project displays. This year, we have introduced a new dedicated event showcasing the use of autonomous robotics to save the mother earth and another event showcasing the recent contributions and innovations in the field for biotechnology. The technical fest is of esteem significance in the field of creativity motivation, technology innovation and psycho-motor skill development among the new age laureates. We are feeling proud to inform you that after IIT Kharagpur our college is the first private engineering college in west Bengal, which started the event AEROSTORM (Remote Controlled Aircraft modelling and flying event) and has been successfully organising it ever since from the past 5 years. Our students are going to deploy more than 50 innovative technical projects from various domains such as Computer Science, Biotechnology and Electronics. This year’s new attractions will be the Exhibition on the use of Autonomous Robotics in Saving the Earth and its Nature and a National Symposium on Computer Science, Electronics and Biotechnology. Apart from Aerostorm, Autonomous Robotics and Drone like cutting-edge technology showcasing events, we have also the sensational event like Short Film Making competition, which has turned out to be another shining stone on the crown of “Bits2Bytes” and has become ones of the most cherished event last year. Another attractive event like Photography, will definitely enrich the glamour of “Bits2Bytes 2020”. It is worth mentioning that besides our college students, the event is hugely cherished and participated by a vast number of engineering students from various streams from more than 50 engineering colleges in and near Kolkata like IIESTS, Jadavpur University, IEM, B.P. Poddar, Techno India Saltlake, TICTE, MSIT, NSEC, Heritage Institute of Technology, Narula Institute of Technology, JIS and much more.

About this College Event
Sub Events
1) Sub Event : AEROSTORM
2) Sub Event : ROBO RALLY
3) Sub Event : ROBO QUEEN
4) Sub Event : ROBO SOCCER
5) Sub Event : ROBO CARROM
6) Sub Event : QUADCOPTER
7) Sub Event : MAZOMANIA
8) Sub Event : COD
9) Sub Event : FIFA
10) Sub Event : PUBG
11) Sub Event : CS-GO
12) Sub Event : JAM
13) Sub Event : LEN-S-URGE
14) Sub Event : TECH2DATE
15) Sub Event : IDEATHON
Main Details
Expected Size
1000 - 5000
Not Televised
Happens Annually
Audience Profile
Youth and
Kids (5 - 12 years)
Ticket Details
This is not a ticketed event.
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Bengal Institute Of Technology, Basanti Highway, Brahmapur Government Colony, Bagdoba, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Sagnick Biswas Event Coordinator
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